"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

This is a famous motto in the IT industry, and simply means that while a system is still working and serving the company's purposes, just leave it alone and keep it going. Following this guideline has left many old and even obsolete business systems still in place, but the skills to maintain these "legacy" systems have become rare, or even faded away completely.

Innova-Seans! has experience dating back to the late eighties, when the IT industry was still a toddler. This puts us in a perfect position to nurse these "senior systems" into their dying years. As the computing landscape changes rapidly, we have the knowledge to adapt and "cocoon" these legacy systems to remain compatible with the changing environments of modern technology, thus extending their useful lifespans and protecting companies' investments in these older systems.

Innova-Seans! is also the natural choice when it comes to porting or converting legacy systems to contemporary replacements, since we have an understanding of the older technologies upon which these legacy systems were built, way back when. We can facilitate a conversion running in parallel to the existing system, and if need be, incorporate process re-engineering to make the replacement more efficient than its predecessor. When the time comes to cut over to the new system, we can carry out a data transfer in order to preserve historical data.