Innova-Seans! was established in 1999. With a combined experience of over 20 years, Innova-Seans! is able to offer quality service, maintaining the IT factor and enhancing the user experience.

Our objective is to provide quality IT solutions in a very competitive environment, which include specializing in Legacy system support, maintenance, development and upgrades; new system development with current technology solutions; maintenance and upgrades of existing systems; web design and development; content management systems, with training and support; social media set-up and marketing.

We follow the full software development life cycle from conception through to deployment and maintenance.

We offer current technology, using the latest development methodologies. We also offer custom solutions, tailored to your budget and requirements.

We at Innova-Seans! believe in one-on-one interaction, meeting with clients in their own preferred environment We strive to create a lasting, long-term relationship with the client, learning everything there is to know about their industry which ensures the best solution available.

  • The client is the primary decision maker, ensuring total client satisfaction.
  • Creativity and Innovation maintain our leading edge.
  • Exceptional Performance defines our excellent service.
  • Trust is the foundation of our business dealings.
  • Integrity is critical at every level of our business.
  • Communication is the cornerstone of our solid relationships with all of our clients.